imshow + pixels values


I can do everything I want with pylab (and even more :slight_smile: ).
I'm only missing one thing:
I really would like to have one more option in imshow to get the pixel value of the pixel pointed by the cursor.
The backends are showing X qnd Y coordinates. It is fine but I need also to look at the pixels values (before dooing computations thanks to scipy).

I know how to get the pixels values but I do not know how to print them at the bottom right of the backend (on the same line as the X,Y pixel number).

Is there a way to do that using the tk backend for instance?
If there is a way, would you consider a new boolean option in imshow to trigger this new behavior (of course, the default must be 'false' to prevent us to brake things..)

Any comment would be very much appreciated :slight_smile: