imshow/matshow size limit


just a small question. There are any plan to remove the limit to plot large array with imshow/matshow?
It's impossible now to plot a large array (5000x5000 pixels for example). I remember to have this problem and John told that come from agg who has a limit. I tried to not use agg but Gtk alone and it's very very slow to draw event a 2000x2000 image. It's seems that MPL is doing always in interpolation to draw an array so after a certain size is taking too much memory and I obtain a

MemoryError: Couldn't allocate requested memory

I would like to know if it's possible or will possible to have an option who are drawing an array with the value of the pixel with any interpolation, resampling or other things? Perhaps something like this will help to plot large array. I would like to create a software in python and matplotlib to work on large fits image but know it's pretty impossible to do it but in the same time pgplot is old and sometime I feel it :slight_smile:

Thanks for this great software.