Improved font manager

John Hunter wrote:

Another concern I have is that if I am reading the code correctly all
the afm files are being parsed at load time, even for non-postscript
backends. Some users have hundreds of afm files in their path, and on
a slowish machine this can impose a substantial performance hit. In
the past, I deferred parsing the afm files for the non-ps backends
until they were called for, eg, until a call to
savefig(''). Don't know if this is easy or possible to
incorporate in the current design, but it's something to think about.

Hi John,

This was an easy change to the font manager. You should see it in CVS later today.

On a related issue, I noticed that the sizes of PS plots are different depending on which backend is used first. If I send a plot directly to the PS backend, I get a nice plot (see the attachment Whereas, if I first display the plot using TkAgg and then save it to PS, I get a plot that is much larger than the display area (see the attachment The text size in both plots appears to be the same size, this would indicate an incorrect scaling factor somewhere.

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