importing images

What is the prefered way to read in images in

    > numarray/matplotlib?

No good way, currently. I plan to add a PNG loader in the near
future. Would this suffice for you? What do you think are the core
set of image formats that matplotlib should support? ... the fewer the

    > I know of PIL but it seems like a lot of overlap with
    > numarray just to read an image from file.

True, but for the record, here is the recipe I use to do the PIL ->
numerix conversion

import Image
from matplotlib.matlab import *

im ='../data/leo_ratner.jpg')
s = im.tostring() # convert PIL image -> string

# convert string -> numerix array of floats
rgb = fromstring(s, UInt8).astype(Float)/255.0

# resize to RGB array
rgb = resize(rgb, (im.size[1], im.size[0], 3))

imshow(rgb, interpolation='nearest')
axis('off') # don't display the image axis