IMPORTANT: Mailing lists are moving

Jouni K. Sepp?nen <jks at> writes:

Neal Becker <ndbecker2 at> writes:

I read via gmane: I guess this will need to be updated?

I attempted to send a message to gmane.discuss to request this, but it
seems there is some problem with that mailing list - the latest message
is from July 17 when viewed via NNTP, and usually there are at several
messages per week. I have emailed the administrator to ask
about the status. should now be using the new addresses. I'm sending this
message via gmane, so this message should end up on the new list.
It seems that gmane cannot have more than one address per mailing list,
so further messages on the old lists will no longer appear on gmane.


Jouni K. Sepp?nen