images in SVG

One problem with the colorbar is that the png file "im.write_png
(filename)" creates is upside down, creates an upside down
png too.

I see that the GTK/GDK backend does not use im.write_png() but uses
im.as_str() which has a 'flipud' argument to flip the image.
Is it possible for im.write_png() to take the 'flipud' argument and flip
the image for the SVG backend?

The name im.as_str() is a bit vague - what kind of string? Something
like im.as_rgba_str() would make it a bit clearer.


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On Mon, 2005-08-01 at 20:26 -0700, wrote:

        In some cases, there appears to be a bug in SVG image
        handling. For
        example, the image in the colorbar is not properly sized
            import pylab as p
        This problem appeared before and after Steve's application of
        Norbert's PNG patch (thanks's Norbert!) so it looks like
        else is to blame.