ignorant q: continuous refreshing a plot with different data

Hello all, Please pardon my ignorance as I am fairly new to

    > matplotlib.

    > I have 1000 sets of (x,y) data. I would like to cycle
    > through this data by graphing set 1 then 2 then ... 1000.

    > How can I refresh a plot without closing and reopening that
    > plot?

Pekko Piirola <pekko.piirola@...64...> sent me an example some time
ago that cycles through a data set. Currently this example only works
in the GTK backend, but we're actively working on getting a unified
GUI interface to allow for this kind of thing. You may also want to
take a look at examples/system_monitor.py and examples/dynamic_demo.py
which show how to dynamically update a plot.

#!/usr/bin/env python2.3

import matplotlib.matlab
import gtk
import Numeric

fig = matplotlib.matlab.figure(1)
ind = Numeric.arange(60)
for i in range(100):

lines = matplotlib.matlab.plot(X[:,0],'o')

def updatefig(*args):
    updatefig.count += 1
    if updatefig.count>59: updatefig.count=0
    return gtk.TRUE