idea for a matplotlib figure contest (in memoriam John Hunter)

Hi all,

Shocked by news of John Hunter's untimely severe health problems and now death, I have been thinking about what we could do as a community to 1) fuel matplotlib to further heights and 2) give everyone, but especially John's family, some appreciation for how wide, and ongoing, his impact is. To those ends, I envision an MPL figure contest.

I have a lot of ideas about the shape such a contest could take (it could be an annual event, have multiple categories, have corporate sponsored prizes, and so on). Ultimately, however, I simply don't have the time to organize the contest myself. I do see this as an ideal project for someone who wants to contribute to the MPL community without necessarily requiring in-depth technical skills. Consequently, I'm floating this idea here, and I hope someone in the community can run with it. You would certainly have figure submissions from my lab!

Best regards,