howto plot_surface with z-axis colormap

Hi to the list,

this is my first post on this mailing list.

I'm searching to apply a colormap to a 3d surface plotted with plot_surface.
I've seen in the example that the colormap can be applied and
properly scaled though the set_array() method of the object returned by
plot_surface. However, I didn't find a way to assign the colormap to a
particular axis: in my case (and probably this is the most common case) I
want to apply the colormap the the Z axis.

Can anyone indicate me how to apply the colormap to a specific axis (in
particular the Z axis)?

I'm currently using matplotlib 0.87 on debian etch and ubuntu dapper, but
I'm thinking to try the 0.9 release ASAP.

Thanks for any help.

  ~ Antonio


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