How to save image without showing?

PS solution works for me. One thing is that afm fonts are

    > in gnome-print package (Took me some time to find where
    > this fonts came from). Now I am trying to see whether I can
    > make it work with Quixote (web server). I will try GD
    > solution later on. Thanks for your suggestions. - Samir

matplotlib also ships with some AFM fonts which are put in a system
dir by the script. They reside in the fonts/afm dir of the
matplotlib src distribution.

I'm curious, postscript is usually not such a great format for serving
web images. Do you plan on using a PS->PNG converter on the server
side? By the way, if you are on linux, the GD setup is fairly
painless if you follow the steps in the "Quick install guide for GD
output" on I need to
generate some server side graphics myself -- that was one of my main
incentives for porting to GD.

Good luck -- if you have a publicly accessible web page serving up
matplotlib graphics in the future, let me know as I'd be interested in
checking it out.