how to print???

Dear Malte Dik,

Yes, yes we can draw many figures in single figurecanvas. I have
understood how to implement my requirement.

I shall go through once again some topics in matplotlib and pyqt.

Thank you,


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you could savefig the plots as pdf and then print that. If you want multiple
figures on one page you might ask yourself, if those figures have to be
objects in the matplotlib-sense or if they simply can be represented by
different axes, which you could put into one figure (in the
and savefig that.

So what I recommend is reading about the figure and axes objects and what
mean in matplotlib.



Dear all,

I have been developing an application with Pyqt and Matplotlib. I have
print mutilple figures either separately or using in a single page. Please
can you give a some ideas how to implement this.

With Thanks