How to make figures transparent by default, leave foreground color to pdflatex?

Jouni K. Sepp�nen <jks@...397...> writes:

Anand Patil <anand@...1465...> writes:

- When I inserted some of my old pdf plots into a latex presentation, to
my surprise their foreground color had changed from black to the color
of the text in the presentation. Is there a way to signal to Matplotlib
that I would like this to happen? Can I make this behavior default?

Certainly there is no such intended feature in matplotlib. I think I
could support it for monochromatic plots quite easily,

I added a new rc parameter pdf.inheritcolor to enable this. You will
probably want to disable the figure and axes frames if you use it, as
both the fill and stroke colors will be inherited from the surrounding
environment, and the frames are filled by default.

I got some error messages from svn, but it looks like the change is
now there. (To check, see if CHANGELOG has an entry for 2007-03-02
describing this change.)


Jouni K. Sepp�nen