How to get ticks on top of Polygons?

While using Basemap, I've come across a small problem. The Basemap fillcontinents() function creates Polygon objects and adds them to the Axes. These Polygons always seem to cover up the Axes ticks.

I tried setting the z-order of the tick objects, but it looks to me like the ticks are hard-coded to always draw before (underneath) any lines or patches.

Is there a way to tell the Axes to draw the ticks on top of any Polygons instead of underneath?

If not, it doesn't look like it would be too hard to modify Axes.draw() to respect the z-order of ticks. I'm happy to do this, although I'm nervous that it might break stuff that assumes that ticks are always drawn before everything else. John, do you recommend that I create such a mod?

Thanks for any help,



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