how to freeze your matplotlib apps using py2exe

I'm trying to 'freeze' a script of mine using py2exe and I

    > cant seem to get it to play nicely with matplotlib. More
    > specifically, my script is a wxpython frame that displays
    > several data plots that are created with the Agg backend
    > and converted to bitmaps. From my limited knowledge of
    > py2exe it appears that the problem arises from py2exe
    > trying to import several backends at once.

Hi Colin,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I just started playing
with py2exe. I have an app that uses matplotlib that I would like to
freeze as well, so may as well take the plunge.

I found I could freeze a simple plot with

    from distutils.core import setup
    import glob
    import py2exe

    data = glob.glob(r'C:\Python23\share\matplotlib\*')


where is

    from matplotlib.matlab import *

I also got a similar warning message at the end like you about "The
following modules appear to be missing" but it appears to be harmless.

A simple_plot.exe was created in my dist dir, as were a number of dlls
and the matplotlib share data dir. I had to set the MATPLOTLIB env
var to point to the share dir, ie

  set MATPLOTLIBDATA=c:\python\jdh\py2exe\simple_plot\dist\share

but then it (partly) worked. TkAgg and WXAgg worked out of the box (I
could change the default backend in the rc file). Plain vanilla WX
behaved strangely: The WX frame with navigation bars etc popped up but
no graph. I could click 'save' and save the graph to a jpeg which
viewed correctly. But no image in the wx frame. Hmm. Haven't gotten
GTK* working yet.

Are you using the latest py2exe? Notably, I didn't get the gtk dll
error when I left out the excludes.