how to fix broken links in axes_grid docs?


I just noticed that some links in the axes_grid docs are broken, but I
have no idea what is wrong.

The broken links are those associated with the "plot" directive, i.e.,
links to its source code, hires.png and pdf.
(The links in the Gallery are fine, only those in axes_grid docs).

For example, the first plot in the overview page
has a link to it source file (which is incorrect) as

The correct link is

Note that the wrong link has extra "mpl_toolkits" before "plot_directive".

The relevant rest source for this plot is

.. plot:: mpl_toolkits/axes_grid/figures/

I tried to change the path to
"mpl_examples/axes_grid/", but the links are still
Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks in advance,