How to end manually adding contour labels: Solved

Dear list -

David Kaplan added a very cool new feature to add labels to a contour plots manually.

Check out the example.

I posted a question about this before, because I couldn’t figure out how to end the manual selection of label positions.

The doc string (and the example) says to press the middle mouse button or potentially both mouse buttons together.

Many laptops don’t have a middle mouse button. I have read that pushing both buttons together mimics the middle button on some machines. Not on mine or any others I have seen.

The trick (at least on my machine) is to configure the touchpad such that some corner acts as the middle button.

You can do that in the settings of the touchpad (on my XP laptop, under settings, control panel, mouse, then select device settings and settings; select tap zones and check to enable tap zones; then select which corner you want and select the action ‘middle mouse button’)

I hope this works for everybody. Great new feature!


ps. I have asked David whether ending manual positions of labels could be done with the right mouse button instead. He’s on vacation now, so we’ll see what he says when he gets back.