How to draw a straight line?

Thanks for the answer, John and Jouni.

Okay, Line2D works. However, it appears to work in point (or is it pixels?) only. It doesn't accept xycoords="figure fraction" as an option. How can I specify xy as a fraction of the figure size?

I read the transform cookbook cited by Jouni. I am afraid I am lost what that does....



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figure (not

It probably makes more sense not to use Axes.plot at all,
since the line is not associated with an Axes

from matplotlib.lines import Line2D
from pylab import figure, show, nx

fig = figure()
line = Line2D([100,200,300,400,500], [100,400, 350, 200, 500],
              linewidth=4, color='green')

But this feature isn't used very much, and one thing that we
are not currently supporting (but should) is the zorder for
Artists in the Figure. So if you have an Axes in your plot
and you want the line to go over it, you'll need to do
something like Jouni suggested so the line will be drawn
above the Axes.

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