how making autoscale to ignore not visible lines

Hello all
I am new to this newsgroup and not that experienced in using matplotlib.

I build a figure with some interactive widget elements (Button, Slider, CheckButtons). I use the CheckButtons to interactively show or hide different time series by first plotting them and ones plotted turn the visible attribute to True or False.

The slider is used to walk around on the datetime x axes by refreshing the plotted data of the lines.

Currently I do the y-scaling by hand because autoscale fixes the range based on all plotted lines, visible and non-visible ones.

Is there a possibility to restrict the autoscale mechanism to only visible lines. I did not find something related to this neither on this newsgroup nor by googleing. Only the thredt about "make autoscale_view even less tight?" from 4/2/2010 talks about building a custom locator somehow act on the tick level range creation.

Do I need to create a custom autoscale_view method or something like that. Could someone point me to the best approach for doing something like that.

Thanks already

Georges Schutz