How do you Plot data generated by a python script?

surfcast23 wrote:

I am fairly new to programing and have a question regarding matplotlib. I
wrote a python script that reads in data from the outfile of another program
then prints out the data from one column.

f = open( 'myfile.txt','r')
for line in f:
if line != ' ':
line = line.strip() # Strips end of line character
columns = line.split() # Splits into coloumn
mass = columns[8] # Column which contains mass values

What I now need to do is have matplotlib take the values printed in 'mass'
and plot number versus mean mass. I have read the documents on the
matplotlib website, but they don't really address how to get data from a
script(or I just did not see it) If anyone can point me to some
documentation that explains how I do this it would be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance

What I always do, is in my script I pickle the parameters used to run the
script, and the results. Usually I save a pair of dicts, one of the parameters,
and one of the results.

Then to plot, just unpickle them and have at it.