How adjust colors for color plots to different ranges?

I'm using pcolor. All z values looked the same color.

    > It may be a my fault (my bug) if you say colors should
    > be different. I'll try your customizations too.

    > Does clim work with pcolor?

There may be a problem with colormapping/clim in 0.64, but these are
all fixed in the next release of matplotlib, due out today. I just

    1 >>> Z = rand(10,10)*20000 + 40000

    2 >>> pcolor(Z)
    Out[2]: <matplotlib.collections.PolyCollection instance at 0x41d3cf4c>

    3 >>> colorbar
    ----> colorbar()
    Out[3]: <matplotlib.axes.Axes instance at 0x41d3624c>

    4 >>> clim(30000,80000)

and everything worked as expected.