Horizontal bar chart?

Hello, I was wondering if there is any way to do a horizontal

    > bar chart using Matplotlib? Any responses would be greatly
    > appreciated.

Not currently. Implementing matlab's 'barh' is left as an exercise to
the reader :slight_smile:

Kidding aside, this would be very easy to implement following the
example of 'bar' and would be a nice addition. Submissions welcome!


The matlab barh doc string

help barh

BARH Horizontal bar graph.
     BARH(X,Y) draws the columns of the M-by-N matrix Y as M groups of
     N horizontal bars. The vector X must be monotonically increasing
     or decreasing.
     BARH(Y) uses the default value of X=1:M. For vector inputs,
     BARH(X,Y) or BARH(Y) draws LENGTH(Y) bars. The colors are set by
     the colormap.
     BARH(X,Y,WIDTH) or BARH(Y,WIDTH) specifies the width of the
     bars. Values of WIDTH > 1, produce overlapped bars. The
     default value is WIDTH=0.8.
     BARH(...,'grouped') produces the default vertical grouped bar chart.
     BARH(...,'stacked') produces a vertical stacked bar chart.
     BARH(...,LINESPEC) uses the line color specified (one of 'rgbymckw').
     H = BARH(...) returns a vector of patch handles.
     Use SHADING FACETED to put edges on the bars. Use SHADING FLAT to
     turn them off.
     Examples: subplot(3,1,1), barh(rand(10,5),'stacked'), colormap(cool)
               subplot(3,1,2), barh(0:.25:1,rand(5),1)
               subplot(3,1,3), barh(rand(2,3),.75,'grouped')
     See also PLOT, BAR, BAR3H.