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Hi folks!

I want to commend whoever worked on the matplotlib.org landing page, for it is absolutely gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

I want to steal basically all of it for the napari.org home page, but Iā€™m finding it hard to figure out how to steal it. :joy: Things I like:

  • landing page that can be updated independently of the versioned builds
  • (my favourite) the random picture + API one-liner :heart_eyes:
  • two column layout with the random picture on one side and the matplotlib value prop on the right
  • the gorgeous icons linking to the various parts of the site (and the colour!)
  • all the modifications to the PyData sphinx theme (?) ā€” simply beautiful stuff, e.g. the drop shadows on the cards at Matplotlib documentation ā€” Matplotlib 3.6.3 documentation look particularly good to me??? Am I seeing things?

Anyway, if someone could walk me through how the site is built, the multi-repo/deployment dance, and the various aspects of the theme both on the home page and on the broader docs, I would be eternally grateful! :pray: Can be both async here or Iā€™d be happy to set up a meeting for a walk through if someone prefers a live walkthrough. :pray: (Or if there is a writeup somewhere already, a pointer, of course!)

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@jni - glad you like some of the innovations. A fair bit of effort has been exerted on these fronts in the past couple of years. The front page repo is GitHub - matplotlib/mpl-brochure-site: Source for the top-level landing page.. The site theme is just the pydata-sphinx-theme with a few customizations: GitHub - matplotlib/mpl-sphinx-theme: A thin sphinx theme to customize pydata-sphinx-theme consistently cross Matplotlib projects.

I think a fair bit of deployment is manual as neither the front page nor the main site change that often. @QuLogic usually handles the mechanics of that, but he is on vacation so may be a while before he responds.

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