Help needed on specific plot

Whoops. Give this one a shot:


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I don't have time to really explain how to do this, so instead I'm just
going to send some code I made that I think might be very similar to what
you're looking for.

I've also attached some data so you can run the code.

Good luck,

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> Hi,
> I have the exterior shape of a nozzle given by S(x). Now what I want to
> do is first reflect it with respect to the y=0 axis (easily achieved by
> -S(x) right?) and then map each x node's value of an array (say
> to a color that would fill the vertical space between S(x) and -S(x).
> other words I need something like the matplotlib.pyplot.fill_between
> method using x, S(x) and -S(x) but where the fill color would be
> relative to a third array (say density again) at each point x.
> Thanks!
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