Help adding -L dir to build step...

Ted Drain <ted.drain-Ou6Xqrl8BuefRvmTrFJqzg@...517...> writes:

I'm trying to build matplotlib and basemap on a solaris box using the
latest SVN. My python, qt, tk, etc are all installed in a build
directory ($TOOLS). Under linux, the build goes fine and everything
works great. However, under solaris, both matplotlib and basemap
have link errors that say they can't find the python shared library
which is at $TOOLS/lib. Under linux, this shows up in the link line
as -L$TOOLS/lib but is missing on solaris.

I'm trying to figure out how I can add -L$TOOLS/lib to the link
line. For matplotlib, I was able to just hand copy the error message
to the command line, add -L$TOOLS/lib, and rerun 'python
build' to get it to work. This doesn't work for basemap though as it
seems to generate some intermediate files that are needed.

how about