??he import of the numeric version of the _contour module, _nc_contour, failed.??

I installed Numeric and I can import it into Python but

    > newest stable Matplotlib is barfing on it. I installed
    > Matplotlib after I installed Numeric so I'm not sure
    > reinstalling it will fix this problem. How fix?

Just to be sure

  * rm -rf your "build" subdir in the matplotlib directory

  * make sure you have Numeric installed for the same python you are
    building with. Eg, specify the full path to python when testing
    and building

    > /usr/bin/python2.3
    >>> import Numeric
    >>> CTRL-D
    > sudo /usr/bin/python2.3 setup.py install >& build.out

  * make sure you choose numerix : Numeric in .matplotlibrc

If you encounter more problems, post build.out - the incantation for
capturing standard output and standard error may differ depending on
your shell
Most of the times problems like this occur from distutils not properly
rebuilding when it should and can be solved by erasing its memory, ie
the "build" directory.

Let me know...