Has IPython been useful to you? Please let me know...

Hi all,

[ apologies for the semi-spam, I'll keep this brief and expect all
replies off-list ]

IPython is a project that many of you on this list are likely to use
in your daily work, either directly or indirectly (if you've embedded
it or used it as a component of some other system). I would simply
like to ask you, if IPython has been significantly useful for a
project you use, lead, develop, etc., to let me know.

For legal/professional reasons, I need to gather information about who
has found IPython to be of value. I started IPython as a toy
'afternoon hack' in late 2001, and today it continues to grow, as the
nicely summarized Ohloh stats show: https://www.ohloh.net/p/ipython
(obviously, this is now the result of the work of many, not just
myself, as is true of any healthy open source project as it grows).
But I have never systematically tracked its impact, and now I need to
do so.

So, if you have used IPython and it has made a significant
contribution to your project, work, research, company, whatever, I'd
be very grateful if you let me know. A short paragraph on what this
benefit has been is all I ask. Once I gather any information I get, I
would contact directly some of the responders to ask for your
authorization before quoting you.

I should stress that any information you give me will only go in a
documentation packet in support of my legal/residency process here in
the USA (think of it as an oversized, obnoxiously detailed CV that
goes beyond just publications and regular academic information).

To keep traffic off this list, please send your replies directly to
me, either at this address or my regular work one:


In advance, many thanks to anyone willing to reply. I've never asked
for anything in return for working on IPython and the ecosystem of
scientific Python tools, but this is actually very important, so any
information you can provide me will be very useful.

Best regards,

Fernando Perez.