Has anyone got matplotlib to work with IIS- 3-line script fails

I get the error:

    > CGI ErrorThe specified CGI application misbehaved by not
    > returning a complete set of HTTP headers. The headers it
    > did return are:

It looks like it is dying when it tries to rebuild the font cache.
Did you get my response to your last message when I explained the
importance of setting the MATPLOTLIBDATA and/or the HOME environment
variables, especially when running in a non-standard environment such
as a web app server? Have you set these variables, do the directories
exist and are they writable in the environment in which the app server
is running? Does the MATPLOTLIBDATA dir contain your rc file and the
various default font files, eg the stuff that normally resides in


My guess is that mpl is not finding a writable directory in which to
store it's cache information.

Hope this helps,