Has anyone done a matplotlib install on Solaris9?

Hey Folks,

We are having a bear of a time installing matplotlib into Python2.3 on

The issues arises from "fatal: relocation error"s coming up when attempting
to run matplotlib demos...but instead of getting into the details of this
error, I want to simply ask.

Has anyone successfully installed and run matplotlib on Solaris 9 (or any
other version) sparc?

If so, how did you build and install it? What version of gcc (or CC if
that's the case), what switches, ETC?

With thanks in advance!

This is a warning to Solaris users - matplotlib 0.65 fails at runtime
with fatal relocation error. The problem was fixed in setupext.py in CVS,
(attached also to this message).

Nadia Dencheva

setupext.py (16.7 KB)