Hi In case anyone has the same problem getting GTKAgg (I

    > think this is the best option for use with pythonwin & Idle
    > & pycrust since the default TKAgg causes GPF) to work on win
    > XP, note that the current version of pyGTK for windows -
    > pygtk-2.4.1-2.win32-py2.4.exe doesn't work with the versions
    > of GTK available from the page linked to in the matplotlib
    > faq owing to an unresolved dll reference. However,
    > gtk-win32-2.6.1-rc3.exe will work. I think that GTK has some
    > parallel development strands, which is confusing ...

Hmm, good to know. So you're saying gtkagg works from pythonwin? That
would be *very nice* for windows users. I'll take a look at the
installers you are suggesting, because I've had a hard time finding an
environment to suggest to win32 matplotlib users, particularly
newbies. The pythonwin environment, in my opinion, is very nice for
windows users because it has the native win32 look and feel, but I
wasn't aware of any matplotlib backends that could be used within it
due to GUI conflict issues. Have you tried gtkagg with this gtk
release in win32, both in script mode (Eg "Run") and in interactive
mode (eg entering plot commands at the shell)?