GTK antialised rendering, visuals, Pixbuf

In, it does some antialiased rendering by

    > direct manipulation of pixel values which is only correct
    > for 24-bit TrueColor X11 visuals. I'm running a 16-bit (5
    > red, 6 green, 5 blue) visual, so this produces visual
    > junk.

    > I think the right way to do it is with a Pixbuf, which
    > handles alpha rendering. The code is much simpler and
    > faster too. Here is a patch:

Nice!! Where did you learn that trick? pb.pixel_array is not
documented at

This is great to know because I can use the same approach to port
image handling to gtk once I get that up and running.

FYI, your patch was line wrapped but it was simple enough to apply "by