GSOC 21: Extensions to pytest-mpl


I am a PhD student and would like participate in Google Summer of Code 21 with matplotlib. Most organizations require students to present themself to the community. Taking a look at the wiki entry I am not sure where I can apply or get more details about the projects. I am most interested in the 4th topic
extensions to pytest-mpl. Could anyone please tell me how I can reach the mentors?

Thank you :slight_smile:


This is a good place, as is our gitter channel (matplotlib/matplotlib - Gitter).

Assuming you have the same name on github, you have some nifty work up!

If you are interested in the testing machinery, you may also consider having a look at last year’s GSOC on handling baseline images in the test suite.

As part of the process you propose the work you want to do. Most of our code is in Python (with some c++) and the work should contribute to an existing code base so I would expect it to be in Python.

Time wise, the expectation is 18 hours / wk over 10 weeks (see Frequently Asked Questions  |  Google Summer of Code  |  Google Developers ) so the proposed project should be on that scale (if you want to keep contributing after GSOC is over we would be happy to have you!).

If you interested in applying, please write up what you want to do with the pytest extension!

We are short on people who have time this summer to serve as mentors and we are going to be allocated a limited number of slots by NumFOCUS (who we are applying to GSOC under the umbrella of) so can not make any promises, but if you are interested please do apply.

We definitely do not want to move our tests to pytest-mpl (which live in matplotlib.tests), but we want to move as much of our testing helpers as possible to pytest-mpl (and then import them back which will require solving a slightly circular dependency problem).

Yes, obviously! That would be a big mess. I meant by “moving” to use pytest-mpl functions instead of matplotlib.testing.