Gridspy dashboard - Web based Matplotlib


I would like to introduce my usage of Matplotlib...

Gridspy provides you with an interactive view of resource usage in your building. It gives you hard data on your consumption patterns and helps you to make informed decisions.
The Gridspy allows you to access and monitor your consumption patterns in real-time using a standard web browser on your PC, laptop or mobile phone. The data is presented in high resolution and updated each second as you watch. The moment a light is turned on in your house, you can see the change on your Gridspy dashboard from across the room or across the planet.

We use Matplotlib to prepare graphs in PNG format that form an essential part of our dashboard here (it loads nice and fast, trust me):

The blog discusses our Python Twisted backend, and other stuff:

Finally you can follow my progress as I take this product to market on twitter:

It has been a fantastic system to work with, and it was easy to generate beautiful and meaningful graphs. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible!

What is everyone else working on?