gridlines at 0,0 only

===== Original message from John Hunter | Mon, 04 Jul 2005:

One could add a kwarg to the various plot commands like
noupdate to suppress updating the datalim,


Basically, you would like to add string symbol markers to
scatter, and have them colored with colormaps and support
variable sizeing as well, right?

yes. i think it would be a useful addition to pylab.


what approach do you recommend for scaling the marker size
relative to axis ranges and figure size?


I'm not sure what you are after here. marker sizes are in points, so
you can pick the physical sizes you want.

making the plot window smaller, each marker are constant in
size, taking up a larger area when reducing the plot area.
(this is not a big issue though.)

for gline in ax.get_xgridlines():
   xmin, xmax = gline.get_xdata() # both should be the same
   gline.set_visible(xmin==0.0) # visible only at x==0

it didn't work at all. i started out with ax = gca(),
started with grids turned on and off.