When attempting to generate a larger number of graph sets (i.e. 3 graphs of similar style over different data ranges), I'm intermittently getting a GPF on XP in na_backend_agg.pyd according to the report that M$ offers to send to itself.

It is repeatable in one sense, in that if I restart the graph generation from the beginning it will fail at the same set, but if skip the first set of graphs it doesn't produce one additional set and then die, it dies at 15 (5 sets) earlier. I can restart from any of the sets where it failed and it will continue on for some random number before GPF'ing again - anything from 9 thru to 150 graphs or so.

If I use Numeric (23.7, the latest) it is a lot worse - meaning fewer sets before failure. Also matplotlib 0.72 was a lot worse with either Numeric and numarray.

The environment is Python 2.4, XP (sp2), matplotlib 0.72.1, numarray 1.2.2, Numeric 23.7 with the data coming from Postgres 8.0 via SQLObject and psycopg.

I'm not sure of the best way to proceed from here - is this a known issue or related to one or should I attempt to produce a standalone test that causes the problem?