Google Season of Docs: Suggestion for tweaks in Documentation and Structure

Greetings to all,
I am Sarthak Khandelwal student at Medicaps University , India. I have come up with the following suggestions that will aim towards making the onbording paths easier to new users. Also there are some changes which aim to improve the current documentation and structure.
These changes are :

  1. It must include Dropdowns for all Non-Atomic data to wrap it up in units and make only a relevant portion of data available to developers.

  2. Mostly Data Science Practitioners and Researchers access it and they keep on just looking
    through the docs to find stuff of their Interest. So a Section for them must also be added.
    An Addition to it is to add a Discussion Forum to matplotlib.

  3. Most Data Scientists and researchers use pandas for data mining and wrangling. Sometimes for effective data visualization they use pandas for plotting of the data and use matplotlib on the top of it and hence a section named matplotlib with pandas should also be added so that beginners and people who don’t know about how we can integrate the two packages can get help from it.

  4. As Such Matplotlib includes a number of tutorials and also they are grouped together upto some extent. Naming of sections such as Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced, Colors, Text, Toolkit is helpful but what if someone is unaware of how and where one should apply these visualizations. So we must also include parts such as Post-Visualization and Pre-Visualization under the Tutorials section to attract most of the crowd of Machine Learning Researchers and practitioners. Some fraction of Business Analysts will also get attracted because in Data Science when we are working with data such as time series then instead of building a Machine Learning model for that, people find Statistical Models providing satisfactory results to them and in such cases they also need to first pre-visualize the data before model building and also post-visualize the data after the model has been built so as to show what impact the model has on the data. Hence these parts should also be added.

  5. Next I want to seek your attention at the Documentation Section . Every organization reflects its ease of service to its audience through its Documentation section and we must keep this page as short as possible with an aim to include all Non-Atomic Domains of our Organization.

  6. Next we can move to the Index Section and here we can see that all the Classes and Methods are shown. Keeping in view the concept of Shortening the section ensuring not any of the details are vanished . We can make this page shorter by first making all the methods of the class under the Class Name in a Dropdown menu . Here I have entered into some Front-End Part, since I am a Backend Developer, my optimization suggestions for Front-End related ideas may further be improved. Moreover other listings on the Index page such as about Modules should be included after the Classes Part as they are referenced in the Modules API and hence we don’t need to describe them here however if a user still click on it we don’t want it to act as a Label rather a link to its description. A short overview has been made by me to demonstrate my suggestion.

I hope these will prove to be useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

As I said in Google Season of Docs 2020 I do not think this is a strong proposal because it is too generic and I expect a majority of the work to be in developing a sphinx extension to format render the API docs as suggested.