ginput() mouse button assignment


im currently working on data analysis with matplotlib
and have some problems with the useage of the mousebuttons when using the
ginput() function

i actually have a long sequence of data on which i want to achiece 4 linear
so my idea was to plot the data and choose the data points with help of
ginput(8) so i can choose 8 points between which the data gets evaluated the
problem is the big size of data so i have to zoom in and out between
choosing 2 points.

my problem is that the ginput function interprets the zoom in clicks as
choosing a point from my data,
i already tried to override the left mouse button to the ride button but it
seems to me that it is online
possible to switch the button configuration so that i have the mouse_pop
function on the left mouse button and the mouse_pop function on the right
side, but this doesnt help me either since each data point gets erased when
i zoom in

thanks for your help so far


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