Getting rid of plot ticks while setting figure size?

I am trying to use geopandas plotting function to display a choropleth, but I am getting a bit stuck on how the figure’s size and axes are set with matplotlib.

When I do this I get no axes, as desired, but my figure is much smaller than I’d like it to be (gdf is a GeoDataFrame):

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
ax = plt.gca()
gdf.plot(column='percent_without_vehicle', ax=ax, legend=True)

When I do this, I get the figure in the size I’d like, but the axes show up (which I don’t really need since I’m looking at a map):

gdf.plot(column='percent_without_vehicle', figsize=(10, 10), legend=True)

I am sure there is a way to set the figure size using ax since GeoPandas docs are clear that setting it will manually overwrite the figsize I am using, but I can’t seem to “figure” (:wink:) it out.


Try the following.

ax = gdf.plot(column='percent_without_vehicle', figsize=(10, 10), legend=True)
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Or: fig, ax = plt.subplots(figsize=(10, 10)

Precisely what I was looking for! Thanks very much.