Getting an RGB value from a colormap

Hi, I'd like to use the colormap interface in a different

    > way than it's used in plotting images. I am plotting a
    > series of curves (using regular old plot), each of which
    > corresponds to the behavior of a biological circuit under a
    > different level of "inducer", ranging from around 0-100. I
    > want to assign the color of each line according to the
    > inducer value, and I want to try out different colormaps to
    > see which I like best.

    > All I really want is a method that, for a given colormap
    > (jet, pink, hot, hsv, etc), takes a number between 0,1 as
    > input and returns the corresponding RGB value, which I can
    > then use a 'color' argument in a plotting command. (I was

In [6]: import as cm
In [7]: cm.jet(.5)
Out[7]: (0.49019607843137247, 1.0, 0.47754585705249841, 1.0)

    > sort of hoping that the colormap object itself would provide
    > such a method but I couldn't find any description of it's
    > interface).

The class documentation is available at

in particular, take a look at

"jet" in the example above, is an instance of the
LinearSegmentedColormap colormap class, and the __call__ method
returns the data you are interested in for scalars or sequences.