Hi. Am a new user, running Enthought Python23 on Windows

    > XP. I am trying to run the simple_plot and
    > examples. I am getting the error message below regardless
    > of which backend I use. Am I doing something wrong in the
    > configuration? Thanks Eli

No. we're doing something wrong.

There was a bug in the font manager in the 0.60.1 release. matplotlib
searches your computer for fonts and stores the results in a cache
table on the filesystem. Regular users of matplotlib (like me!) have
a cache table already built and so did not find the bug in prerelease
tests. New users (like you) will experience the bug when you first
load matplotlib.

I've uploaded a 0.60.2 matplotlib release to the sourceforge site that
fixes the bug. This includes the src distributions and the windows
distribution for Numeric (which should work fine with the enthought
edition of python). The numarray/matplotlib builds for win32 will be
up as soon as we can get them done.

Sorry for the trouble,