Get coordinates at moouse position

Hi John,

John Hunter <jdh2358@...287...> writes:

when I scroll or zoom with the mouse wheel, the scaling of the x and y
axes are changed within the event. I would need now the new value of
these to update the status bar. How can I get them without waiting for a
new mouse event?

Not sure I understand the question... Could you be more specific,
maybe post a code sample?

The point is that there may occure changes in the diagram axes that are
not connected to a mouse event. Example: I use the Qt backend, and
defined an QAction "zoom in" connected to the Ctrl-"+" key.

At the same time, the status bar of my application shows the position of
the mouse in the diagram. Usually, the updates of the position is
connected to the "motion_notify_event" which returns the mouse position
on change.

When the mouse is not moved, but the "zoom in" action is triggered (via
hotkey in this example), I would need to update the status bar so that
it shows the coordinated that are under the mouse cursor *after* the
zoom was applied.

Does this make my problem better understandable?




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