gcc 3.4 patch

Hi, a patch to compile the agg2 subdir with gcc 3.4 is on

    > sourceforge.

    > Background: The stricter template member-access checks in
    > gcc 3.4 break compilation of some agg2 headers. The problem
    > occurs when a class derives from a templatized class and
    > access members of the base class. Previously, the name of
    > the member was sufficient. Now, access to members of the
    > base class has to be qualified with "this".

    > [I sent this mail earlier, with the patch attached, but it
    > never arrived. Maybe mailman didn't like the attachment.
    > Sorry of you get duplicates.].

Sorry for the patch troubles. matplotlib cvs has already upgraded to
agg22, which among other things is fixed to handle gcc 3.4. I don't
have access to gcc 3.4 currently, so am unable to test matplotlib
compilation with agg22 with that version.

Could you give it a try and let me know?