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It seems there are error reports in the wild which may not be getting to us here at matplotlib-devel. I'm forwarding one to our list. Does anyone know the cause of the issue below? Can we fix it?

Gonzalo, I'm forwarding your emails to the matplotlib-devel list. If you reply to us there and could be more specific about "get errors" someone would be much better able to figure out what is going wrong.


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Thanks... I tried that before thou. I just found out, following some tips on matplotlib archives, that the problem comes from localization. I just run with English and runs fine (used Spanish before), but the problem apparently comes for pylab (it may be only Fedora Core 5).

Michael Röttger wrote:

Hi Gonzalo,

Gonzalo A. de la Vega schrieb:

Working with pyfann I get errors when reading training data or nets from
files, but only if the pylab module (or part of it) has been imported.I
know pylab overloads some python operations, but I don't see how this
could affect pyfann. Any ideas?
try to import both modules in separate namespaces, e.g.

import pylab as pl
import pyfann.libfann as fann

and use it like

ann = fann.neural_net()

In this way I carried out a short test (matplotlib 0.85, pyfann2) and
had no problems when reading a network with ann.create_from_file(..).


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