[Fwd: Re: CVS ?]

Eric Firing wrote:

The TkAgg backend works on my system, stock ubuntu feisty with only numpy and mpl from svn. tk/tcl is 8.4.



My processor is a 32 bit Athlon from about 5 or 6 years ago. The Tkinter was built along with python and I did one particular sed:

sed -i 's|# -ltk8.2 -ltcl8.2| -ltk8.4 -ltcl8.4|' Setup.dist

so python would look for the version of tcl/tk that I have. I'll review that whole process later and report back if I find something interesting.



Just want to follow up with you on the results. Since my Xorg 7.2 is installed in /usr, I found that the original installation of Python and Tkinter needed some changes to Modules/Setup.dist. I used the following

sed -i 's|# _tkinter| _tkinter|' Setup.dist ---to enable tkinter
sed -i 's|# -L/usr/local| -L/usr|' Setup.dist ---to locate tcl/tk libs
sed -i 's|# -I/usr/local| -I/usr|' Setup.dist ---to locate tcl/tk headers
sed -i 's|# -L/usr/X11R6| -L/usr|' Setup.dist ---to locate X11 libs
sed -i 's|# -I/usr/X11R6| -I/usr|' Setup.dist ---to locate X11 headers
sed -i 's|# -ltk8.2 -ltcl8.2| -ltk8.4 -ltcl8.4|' Setup.dist ---for correct version
sed -i 's|# -lX11| -lX11|' Setup.dist ---required to build tkinter

So I completely removed python, numpy, mpl, etc and reinstalled everything, including the GTK requirements that got me going last time. The installed matplotlibrc called for the GTKAgg backend and that worked. But when I changed
that to call for TkAgg, the same thing happened as last time (the window appears
briefly and then segfaults). So I'm puzzled but at least I have a working installation with GTK.