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HI everybody,

I dont know if any of you is aware of the boa-constructor python IDE and wx gui builder.

I use it and subscribe to its mailing list. Recently, there was this discussion about having some scientific plotting controls added to Boa. I include below, a message from Boa’s main developer, Ryaan Booysen, where he gives some pointers to anyone that might be interested in adding plotting controls to Boa. They are talking about Chaco, but as far as I know, Chaco development is stalled and Matplotlib is far superior (IMHO).

I believe that if anyone is interested in doing that should contact Ryaan. He is a very nice guy. I also believe that it would greatly improve the visibility of matplotlib since Boa has a very large user base.

Well, its just an idea.

have fun


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Hi Ricardo,
Ricardo Henriques wrote:
> Hi...
> I sucessfully used Boa to help me build scientific applications. I normally
> use wxPyPlot to plot graphics witch has a plug-in for Boa, it is quite
> alright, but sometimes I nead a plotting library with more features like
> Chaco found at [www.scipy.org](http://www.scipy.org) . Anyone knows any plug-in for this plotting
> library or any other than wxPyPlot?
> Where can I get some information about how to build a plug-in for Boa? > Tks...
You may look at the examples for adding a control in
I suggest you first try to use the Custom Classes feature to
use a Chaco Plot window in the Designer.
See Docs/boa/apphelp/MixingSource.html
This might be a simpler option.
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