[Fwd: problems with fonttools]

I cant install matplotlib because it cant find some files

    > in the Font tools tree.

Note if you just want wx, set all the BUILD_* flags in setup.py to 0
and distutils won't compile anything; wx doesn't depend on any of the
extension code. If you do want to build the extensions from CVS, read

CVS doesn't have a complete version of the FontTools* and ttfquery
that are needed to build the extensions. An increasing number of
matplotlib backends need font-finding capabilities which FontTools and
ttfquery provide. However, they are a pain to install and Paul
Barrett has been working on a replacement. At one point I added them
to CVS since I was distributing them with matplotlib but thought twice
about it and tried to remove them. However despite multiple attempts
I have not been able to get them out of CVS. No in a nutshell there
is an incomplete version of FontTools and ttfquery in CVS, and I'm not
too inclined to add them since they will be purged in short order in
any case with the new fontfinder.

If you want to build from CVS, copy the agg, FontTools* and ttfquery
dirs/files from the 0.51 src distro into the CVS tree and build from
there. This will all be cleared up soon.