[Fwd: [matplotlib-devel] ANN: matplotlib-0.90.0]

Basemap 0.9.7 is available for download.



Windows installers for python 2.4 and python 2.5 are available.

There are many under-the-hood changes in the this release, but the API and
functionality are nearly identical to 0.9.6.

There is an extra dependency on the GEOS (Geometry Engine) library
(http://geos.refractions.net). The source code is included with basemap,
but requires a separate ./configure; make ;make install step before running
setup.py. Using the GEOS library speeds up the creation of Basemap class
instances dramatically, especially for small map regions using high resolution

The high-resolution boundaries from Generic Mapping Tools are now included, and the full-resolution boundaries are available as a separate 67mb download.

Full Changelog:

version 0.9.7 (svn revision 4422)
           * fixed bug in drawlsmask for 'moll','robin' and 'sinu'
           * added lake_color keyword to fillcontinents.
           * fixed a bug in the 'tmerc' projection.
           * added pure python NetCDFFile reader from Roberto De Almeida to basemap namespace
             (from matplotlib.toolkits.basemap import NetCDFFile).
           * added support for full-resolution boundaries (will be
             a separate download). Full-res files (totaling around
             100 mb) available in SVN.
           * high-resolution boundaries now included.
           * postpone processing of countries, states and river
             boundaries until a draw is requested. Only the
             coastlines are processed in __init__.
           * use a Pyrex/Cython interface to the GEOS library
             (http://geos.refractions.net - LGPL license)
             to find geometries that are within map projection region.
             This speeds up instance creation for small map regions and
             high resolution coastlines. Boundary datasets now in binary
             format (I/O is faster). Requires GEOS version 2.2.3, source
             code included.
           * remove all numerix imports.
           * fix rotate_vector so it works in S. Hem and for non-orthogonal
             grids. Support for masked velocity vectors also added. (EF)
           * numpification. (EF)


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