FW: re-draw problem with FigureCanvasQTAgg in backend_qt4agg

Hi Sandro,

I have
$ python -c "import matplotlib as mpl ; print mpl.__version__"
Installed and am running PyQt v4.4.3 because I am forced to rest on
Python 2.5

I will try installing and see if that makes a difference.
I have seen the same problem in a Unix installation, I will try and see
which matplotlib version they were running.

Meanwhile can you try re-sizing the dock widgets as fast as possible? If
you use the mouse to re-size them but do it gradually, the problem does
not surface.

Thank you and I will see what happened with the new instalation

Sandro Tosi


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Hi Alberto,

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Good afternoon,

I am working on a GUI that utilizes the FigureCanvasQTAgg. The GUI


of a Qt main window were the central widget includes a Figure. The


arises when this central widget interacts with re-size events of my


widgets. The Plot is not correctly re-drawn, it 'leaks' into the dock

I think a picture would better describe this problem:

Here we see 2 scripts running, the 1st one's dock widgets have been


by the user and the plot has 'leaked' into the right side dialog. The


picture shows how the dialog normally looks.

I am also attaching a simple script with the GUI that has the problem.

If I move or do anything to re-trigger a paint event the plot is



I see no problem here. I'm on a debian sid OS, with

$ python -c "import matplotlib as mpl ; print mpl.__version__"


$ apt-show-versions python-qt4
python-qt4/testing uptodate 4.4.4-6

what do you have installed?

Sandro Tosi (aka morph, morpheus, matrixhasu)
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