funny window behavior

I've changed the GTK backends (in cvs) so they will now allow the window
to be resized smaller than the original size. Text still does not scale
down when the window shrinks, but if the matplotlib user wants a smaller
window they now have the option to resize the window.



On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 10:14 -0800, matplotlib-users- > wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 February 2005 04:51 am, Steve Chaplin wrote:
> >
> > When resizing the FigureCanvas on my system I notice:
> > GTK sets a FigureCanvas size that can only be increased.
> > QtAgg sets a FigureCanvas size that can be increased or decreased
> > TkAgg sets a FigureCanvas size that can be increased or decreased to a
> > minimum (of perhaps 400 x 300 pixels)
> > Wx I do not have, is it like Qt or Tk or is there a 4th variation?
> on linux, wx lets me increase or decrease all the way. I wonder if it is
> different on windows.
> >
> > I looked at changing GTK so the FigureCanvas could be decreased a while
> > ago but the problem is that while the axes scale/shrink nicely the text
> > stays the same size and becomes misaligned or clipped and gives an odd
> > looking graph. Perhaps thats why Tk allows you shrink the window but
> > only to a certain size.
> >
> > Matplotlib currently has 3 (or more) ways of handling window resizing,
> > which one of these behaviours is 'correct' or most desirable?
> >
> I think the most desirable for interactive use would be to allow scaling, but
> if it doesn't scale properly, I think the current behavior is appropriate. I
> guess I just didnt notice it before now.
> Darren