"from pylab import *" will no longer override min() and max()

John Hunter wrote:

Well, there are two exceptions to this: set operates on sequences or
instances, and can handle multiple key/val pairs. So you can do

set(labels, rotation=45, fontsize=14, color='red')

in place of

for label in labels:

I prefer the former, particularly when working from the python shell.
But it's a matter of taste...

That is handy. Actually, I really like it when you can work with sets of objects, rather than doing the explicit looping all the time. It just goes to show you that OO design is not always the best answer. Now the question is: What namespace should set() live in? pylab.set() works for me.

I'm now working on a Fink-free OS-X install, which is proving to be quite a chore. I'll report here when I'm done.



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