freetype2 and font finder

John Hunter wrote:

> By the way, you mentioned math type earlier. I think it would not be
> too difficult to use freetype to write a poor-man's latex, handling
> subscripts, superscripts and Greek characters. We'd have to locate a
> free font that renders Greek characters - I don't know of any but
> haven't looked extensively. Or we could require users who want this
> feature to come up with the core set of Microsoft fonts and use the
> symbol font. I suspect most have access of Windows fonts that they
> could copy to their linux boxes, but I am not sure if this is kosher.
> Anybody know of some decent free freetype symbol fonts?


AMS Fonts (Truetype)

TTF versions of the American Mathematical Society Computer Modern fonts, aka the BaKoMa fonts by Boris Malyshev. The truetype versions of the AMS fonts are included in PCTeX.

  -- Paul


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